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Last update January 2017.

Punta Cana December 2013 Click here

Family Camping Michigan 2012. click here.
Point Pelee National Park.click here.

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Celebrity Cruise on "Summit" Eastern Caribbean March 24 to March 31, 2012

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Ship's activities and services.

St. Croix
St. Kitts
Dominica Grenada

St.Thomas San Juan 

 Fall Season Gallery.
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(last update October 2014)

         21 day East Coast Camping Trip July 2011           
         Tag along with us on this Camping trip, a 2 day stop in Ottawa,     
        followed by a visit to Mont Tremblant QE then on to Trois Rivieres QE

        following the St Lawrence River all the way to Gaspe QE.
        Next into NB, the Hopewell Rocks and the Reversing Falls in Saint John.
        A visit to Bar Harbor, AcadiaNational Park
        and finally over the mountains and along the Adirondacks Valleys
        back to Kingston ON.

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Great times with our German American Club in Spring Hill Florida.
I Keep one year of Club Activities active in the Clubs Web Page.
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Meet my Neighbor
Paul Shaskan and his Paintings  

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     Ceramic Arts          by   
   Michael Spier

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 see his designs                                    

Exploring Tahiti & Morea.
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Pine Island Sunsets.
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Glenlakes home for the winter.
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Hawaiian Vacation.
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Carnival Cruise Wedding West Caribbean, March 07, 2011.
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Boat Parade New Port Richie FL April 2011
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Tausend Jahre Frieden

    Fliege weiße Taube, bring Frieden in die Welt
    Und fliege zu den Menschen denen er noch fehlt
    Lass Dich nicht beirren, wenn man Dich bedroht
    Denn du bringst Frieden und besiegst den Tod.

    Tausend Jahre Frieden wunderbarer Traum
    Doch was wir nicht träumen, das erfüllt sich kaum
    Frieden ohne Ende fängt im Herzen an
    Jeder Mensch soll wissen dass auch er es kann.

    Fliege weiße Taube, es ist noch nicht zu spät
    Die Menschen wollen Frieden der nie zu Ende geht
    Deine starken Flügeln, sind voll Zauberkraft
    Friedensarme schwingen, weil Du es hast geschaft.

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